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I'm interested to know, would anyone be interested if I started making posts now and then about some of the stuff I have to deal with daily working as a skateguard and at a rink in general? I'd read; the skate guards where I skate seem very cool and all in hockey skates so I assume from a hockey background. We used to have a skateguard who was a figure skater however she dislocated her knee and my boss doesn't let her skateguard any more, just scorekeep.

Hockey players are always given free reign at every rink I've been at. It's really annoying at best and dangerous at worst. I had a moves in the field test so one of the rinks was shut off from the public, it was really quiet, etc. The rink was connected to locker rooms and during my test a bunch of hockey players came out in full gear with their sticks and started running around the rink hitting the glass and shit with their sticks. My club president chased them out but that was the last time I ever gave a hockey player the benefit of the doubt.

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Well good for you! Like I said to the other commenter, figure skaters don't really need distractions while they're trying to practice, of course this applies to tests, etc. I'm not sure if I would have agreed with your judgment had I been there, but I respect that you carried the authority to actually make them leave. The system doesn't work if that local control isn't there.

I have a question about figure skating. Does your rink let people do spirals during public skate?

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I get talked to even when there's no one behind me anywhere because I'm lifting my skate to 90 degrees. Yes, actually, because during public skate at my rink theres figure skating coaches on the ice during the busier public sessions. Night sessions sometimes come out but it's usually just a guard on the ice, and night sessions aren't usually too busy, maybe people on the ice max.

Only problem that occurs with it during evening skate is when we have the odd group of drunk people show up. I can usually tell when someone is under the influence, and I usually have a reason or two to remove them from the ice within the first few minutes. The figure skaters also seem to have an unspoken rule, that they don't lift their skates if someone is within 5 feet of them. For the normal day skate? We have days when our rental skate racks are completely empty Those are usually the days when figure skaters don't come out, or come out just to be with friends and not practice.

But for an evening session, that I mentioned includes figure skaters, evenings aren't busy at all. Just when weird stuff happens Except friday evening, thats the busi er one, maybe total on the ice with figure skaters. I'm curious to know why you wouldn't have agreed with kicking off a group of little shits who were behaving dangerously and then bullying and abusing another teenager? But I accept that it probably was, and it's the rink rule.

He claims his rink has a zero tolerance bullying policy, but it's hard for me to imagine this happening often enough that they would actually need one. I just suspect he was taking sides with his kind of people and stifling kid behavior with his power. Can't tell without being there. The warnings he's supposed to give would have been a good idea. Would you have rather one of those shits knocked someone over? And "taking sides with his kind of people".

The guy admits outright he's a hockey player which makes his OP ten times more awesome, just saying.

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So either you were trying to somehow claim the OP is a figure skater, or you meant something else. And given the general inaccurate stereotype of male figure skaters, I think I can guess what your distasteful comment really meant In general I'm willing to accept a chance that someone gets knocked over in order to let kids enjoy being kids. I accept the caution as a liability protection but not as a judgment call.

You have to be there to tell whether it's a big deal. I'm a very balletic ice dancer, and I also do a lot of weight training. I get a lot of respect from hockey players because I have strength and speed on the ice. I only get praise when I decide to enjoy a public session because I'm a lot stronger and faster than everyone else. And people on a public see your skill and control and they want to have that too. When I want to take my time on a particular move or spin on a public, I'm fine with having others skating close to me, because the people know I have control, and for me it's no different than having someone skate close to me on a freestyle.

Thanks for looking out for other skaters! I'm thankful that the older hockey players are sweet at my rink. However, the younger ones will skate as fast as they can within a half a foot of figure skaters while they're mid-spin. I hate having to deal with younger hockey players in general, typically they have a bad attitude about them if I tell them to slow down or not bring soda and food out onto the ice. Yep they do, or they don't quite understand that what they're doing is dangerous. It's pretty much people with blades on their feet wearing horse blinders and they have no perseption about how reckless they are.

They have that sort of 'world revolves around us' mentality, I've come to realize, where older hockey players are much more humble and understanding. I had one hockey player argue that he can skate fast because I did. I picked it up to full speed because some little girl fell and knocked her head on the ice, he didn't seem to care or understand. He understood the words 'I'll kick you off the ice' though. I don't like having to use a threat, but it's the only thing that works at times. Oh wow, it sounds like you're probably one of the most reasonable skateguards I've ever heard of.

In my rink, the skateguards are all hockey players so it's super frustrating to see them do nothing about hockey skaters doing aggressive cutoffs, stops that ruin at least 9ft length of ice, and ruining the ice in general doing their "tricks". The skateguards simply don't care and they all seem to be friends with the most aggressive skaters not to mention the guards become aggressive themselves to practice their moves on a slow day.

Also, they love to pick on us. I've noticed some of the guards work at multiple rinks, and this one girl always yells at any figure skaters doing any kind of jumps or spins, saying that it's dangerous while the hockey players do fast stops and cut everyone off and she doesn't bat a single eye! At this point, I have 0 expectations from skate guards. I just want them to stop hockey players from spitting on the ice, that shit grosses me out, and it's just plain rude.

I won't kick figure skaters off the ice, they know what they're doing. Gotta remember, the ice is how the rink makes it's money. Ice loses pressure, ice goes down, rink doesn't make money. Cutting people off is a no go, gum, tobacco, food, anything except water is not allowed on the ice. Sticks are a no. Oh, and being intoxicated.

Believe it or not, people come on the ice drunk.

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They get kicked right off. Jesus christ, thank god there are no drunk people on my rink, at least when I'm there. That must have been a huge pain in the ass for you to escort them out. How old were they? No one over 40 so far I'm a 5'07", 18 year old. Not intimidating , but apparently ice skates and intoxication is a good idea to some people. It's a pretty big pain but all I have to do is get them off the ice, after that the rink techs and floor workers get their usually rental skates and show them out.

We have this one big guy, one of our managers, doesn't take BS from anyone. I usually call him. If I can't get em off the ice, we open the Zam dock doors to scare em off, then we do a cut and reopen public. If neither of those work, conveniently, we're right next door to our city's largest police station.

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And we were both very clearly said the on-ice partnership is No. And both couples live and train together in the same house. The British pair are a couple on and off the ice and have been skating together since According to Shape , Nick said that their relationship has helped the couple focus on their goals as competitors.

The pair are both ice skaters, but compete separately; Ondrej, who was born in the Czech Republic, now skates for Italy alongside partner Valentina Marchei, while Anna skates with Luca Lanotte; both will be competing for Italy at Pyeongchang, although Ondrej and Valentina will be performing in figure skating pairs while Anna and Luca will compete in ice dancing. The couple, who married in , prefer not to work together. In a video for the Olympics , Anna explained it thusly: The Russian couple began skating together in but later became involved with each other romantically. In an interview with Golden Skate , Evgenia said that it was sometimes hard to separate their work and private lives.


This ambitious French pair skated with other partners before finding each other in , something that turned out to be fortuitous for their personal lives as well, with the two of them becoming a couple before long. By the end of , the duo had tied the knot — an amazing feat since both revealed in an interview with Golden Skate that neither ever wanted to date their partner on the ice. Although Miriam Ziegler began her career as a solo skater, she is now a pairs skater with her boyfriend in real life, Severin Kiefer.