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Should You Hookup with a Stranger on a Cruise Ship? - CRUISE WARS 15

Dude, cruises are the freaking best thing in the world I think after you experience a 3 day, you will definitely want to go on a day cruise, it owns. Here is a thread I started about 2 months ago about cruises, there is some info on there that you may find interesting. Originally Posted by Rhino Yall might call us county, but we's only southern.

Going on a cruise to... ahem... hook up?

Originally Posted by Exist 2 Inspire. I've been on 3 different cruise lines but never heard of a topless deck. Is it only on the Spirit? Because that's like whoa. Not sure if it is only on the "Spirit", or whether they have them on Carnival in general I had to drop a new transmission and a new brake system in my Bonneville, and I ended up dropping 3, dollars total for both.

So my buddy and I are talking about going on the same cruise in June, for out 30th birthdays.

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Originally Posted by Hunterchilla. Last edited by Exist 2 Inspire; at Did you guys say they have topless deck on the cruises?

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Cruises aren't called a floating orgy for no reason. I went on Carnival Cruise to Ensenada. Yes, theres a topless deck.

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Thats what I'm talkin about HunterChilla! Partley why I asked is because one of the guys thats going with us is a 20 year old virgin.

Not that thats bad, but a couple of us really want to get him some sort of action. Figured a cruise would be a great place for him and the other seven of us to meet slutty chicks. Most cruises are loaded with familys, and couples. Theres not to many single's as you would think. That being said after The girls will sleep with more then 1 guy, and the guys will try to bang every single girl.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Hooking Up on a Cruise

There was a late-night reality TV show called Shipmates that was a dating show on a cruise ship. I don't know about hooking up, but there was a lot of action, but not much lasting attraction. Considering your room is right there i'm sure it wouldn't be hard to hook up if you wanted. Find More Posts by gj Jun 12, 08, Besides the expected lurid tales of shop girls and assistant cruise directors, the kids club director and the shore excursion CREW, there were ALWAYS tons of fun stories passed around about watching the passengers hook up Originally Posted by jswadley.

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Yes it happens, and the later in the cruise the more desperate people will become. I would hate to think the general crowd on Princess in Alaska would be in line with that say over Carnival in the islands , but I'm sure there are people out for some, there certainly were on our Princess to Mexico.

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  3. Look for lines with “single-friendly” accommodations..
  4. Find More Posts by cordelli. The best parties I've been to on any ship were in the crew bar belowdecks. Jun 13, 08, Most cruises are couples and familie traveling together, and a single will often have a hard time finding other singles.

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    Now, once you find them it will likely be late at night in the disco as their parents or kids are asleep. So, you might "get lucky" but don't expect a lot of cuddling the next day, because there is a good chance you won't see them again until the next night. My point is, it is a little like going to DisneyWorld to hook up - plenty of people, but not the right kind.

    The exception is singles group cruises.