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Riyadh Ladies Language Exchange Club. Mobile Developers Group 1, Members. I am married too, so not, I am not "hanging around coffee shops or reataurants with girl friends", or anywhere else for that matter. But, if someone wants to do it, I am not going to judge them. They are only harming themselves, as opposed to the barbaric drivers more than half the drivers who put others' lives at risk, but no one seems to care about that or bat an eyelid!

But any time a woman shows her hair or goes on a date, it is the end of the world, and her family should be ashamed! Vast majority of people throw rubbish on streets, drive like mad men, cut lines, are rude and disrespectful, etc. Arrest them, flog them, and deport them! Do as you please, but if you are going to break laws, do it at your own risk, BUT don't do actions which put others' lives at risk, or cause damage to infrastructure.

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Don't come to country and post lies about it in forums like this one. What are you going to do about it? Use your logic, if you have any. Next you will tell me that there is no segregation in compounds and in embassies, right? All those places have exceptional permission from the government to be mixed. The country's education system is segregated , and all Saudi schools, whether public, or private, are segregated.

And so are nearly all international schools. YOU get your facts straight, and don't accuse me of lying! I am happy that you too are happilly married and may Allah bless your marriage. As for the driving, the rubbish, rudeness etc I agree this should not happen as it is not Islamic nor it is civilised but you can't compare this to zina akhee.

I don't you would agree that our sisters are going out with boyfriends to coffee shops or restaurants. Please tell me, what would they do? I am sure you know the hadith that says: So better avoid that as it might lead to zina, unlawfall sex, unwanted pregnancy and so forth. I would never judge you nor would I judge anyone who goes out with his girl friend that's their choice but if caught they have to be ready to face the consequences.

I lived almost all my life in the UK and run away to come to live here and feel very content. There is too much of that already. KSA is different, it's wonderful to see all shops, malls, restaurants, petrol staions etc close when it's time to pray. Where would you see that? Is there any other country that kept this Islamic rule?

So Al hamdoullah for KSA that it is helping us pray on time and in the mosque most of the time. Salam and may Allah bless you and bless us all. There are laws and every individual must follow them. As i said in earlier replies, its not hard, its not easy, but still things happen. I am a single man and i never thought of doing any illegal activities here, coz the reason am here is to work and only work.

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But as i have seen few of my people around me doing that and also its so easy for them to manage. As earlier case Ms Lina Mentioned someone was caught being with a saudi guy in the car. That is illegal to travel with anyone who is not related to you, either family or a sponsor, also belong to different countries. If two people of same country are travelling and stopped by the officials, they will ask for marriage papers, if the man can provide this paper, they wouldnt check the women inside the car, this is a law here, not to check the women.

This has been explaind to me by some really famous lawyer when we had some discussion about laws and rules in saudi. No matter how things would take you, but still thee is a caution, be careful. Good Day Guys, Enjoy your lives Indeed i understand your emotions and also where these are coming from ,but lets not forget that it not we who are dating,indeed you have some political and religious issues with the USA or whatever but lets face it you can preach but you can force anyone to accept your believes and please once again ,lets have some respect to the thread creator.

All he wanted was to know how meet his girlfriend. I seriously thought you are an intelligent man but you clearly can't hold a civilised debate. For a start let's be civil and not abusive please. Let's keep the respect please. I would love to know where you got your stats from because again they are wrong. My wife works for the government and we have all the stats. Of course compounds are not segregated, we live in one of the top ones here in Riyadh but it is a living area not a place to hang around.

I see a lot of people come to "visit" on weekends and some don't get allowed inside because of their behaviour. For instance, a few weeks ago, some teenages who were invited by someone who lives inside our compound were hassling some of the girls who live in the compound.

Would you describe yourself as an Introvert or an Extrovert?

They were kicked out by our security and the host was fined and warned that if they invite such people they will be asked to leave the compound. If you ask me, I hate compounds and di ask to leave and live in a private house but my principal refused as it is school rules. I feel as if I am in a big prison.

Enjoy life in Riyadh or anywhere you are in the Kingdom but stay true to your faith.

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Place to meet your girl friend. Member since 17 April Member since 29 January Member since 12 September Member since 03 February Member since 15 April Member since 11 August Member since 28 April Member since 25 February My dad always asks if I am in Orlando.

Just remember this is not like home. However, it is not impossible to meet women; it can be done. Make the best of the situation, and enjoy the experience, for it does reward you in many ways. Prayer times close everything. All shops and restaurants close their doors for prayer. If you are in a restaurant, you can stay, but you will not be served. If you are in a shop While some shops allow you to stay inside, you can't pay for anything during prayer.

Prayer usually lasts from 15 to 30 minutes, and it happens five times per day. But if you just keep up with the prayer schedule, which is published in the paper, you'll do fine, arranging your schedule around prayer times. My dad always watched the world news, so I grew up knowing about the world. It is interesting to hear other cultures' views of the world.

I advise everyone to sign up for a VPN internet account. By doing this you are using a faster connection and can surf anything on the web. By using a VPN, you can watch anything so you can keep yourself abreast of your favorite shows, sports, movies, etc. Come with an open mind and you will live an experience of a lifetime.

I am so thankful for the experience, the friendships I have made around the world, the different culture, the easy living, the money, and above all the travel opportunities. The world is just a quick flight away from Riyadh. Tell us a little bit about yourself: Would you describe yourself as an Introvert or an Extrovert? Is Riyadh your first job overseas? Did you have trouble at first adjusting to Riyadh? Where do you live? How do you get around in Riyadh? Is driving different in Riyadh? Prior to coming to Riyadh, what did you do in your spare time?

What do you do in your spare time now? Can you tell me about the social scene in Riyadh? Is there anything you miss from home? What is the main advice you would give to single man relocating to Riyadh? What has been your most surprising experience in Riyadh? Do you find yourself more familiar with world affairs since living in Riyadh?

Is there anything else you would like to add?